Over the years, I have had an opportunity to travel to distant places. Yes, I had an opportunity to smell the roses before I began to work in the real work place. Where I have yet to go is the North Pole, South Pole and for the most part the Far East.
Coming from Sweden to the United States as a teenager, with my whole family as immigrants my father bought a travel trailer in the early 1970’s so we could travel throughout the United States and see what this new land looked like. With that trailer we have traveled from Cape Cod to the West Coast and even as far down as Acapulco, Mexico with the travel trailer. Most of these trips were started from our home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a photographer, my true subject is light. I work almost strictly outdoors so my work lives and dies with the sun and ambient light. When looking upon a scene, if the light is not pleasing, unique, or interesting, chances are I am not going to click my camera’s shutter. I do, on occasion, take a reference photo with my iPhone for a future trip, because when I do find a compelling new subject, or a new perspective on a familiar subject, I will revisit the location until the light complements my vision for capturing the scene. I usually take a trip on the weekends at the spur of the moment, pending the weather conditions. My photography is done mostly from the city of Pittsburgh, as that is my hometown.